Medical Practice Management

As a health care professional, your primary goal is to ensure a certain level of care for your patients. However, the demands of running a business can eat away at your time and energy, sometimes cutting into the time you have for patients.

The attorneys at Kresl & Singer assist medical practices in identifying and implementing procedures that ensure the practice has a solid structure and will run smoothly. We understand the challenges you face as a doctor, dentist, nurse, or other health care professional.  We work with you to create or refine your business plan and determine the best way to manage your medical practice. This includes all areas of health care law and business management such as—

Selection and formation of practice entity
Risk management consulting
Office policies and procedures
Employment practices
Commercial real estate contracts for your office
Vendor agreements
Insurance and liability coverage for the office
Tax issues
Practice dissolution
Recruiting agreements
Compliance with federal and state law

Whether you are a new practice just starting out or an established medical practice interested in expanding or streamlining your operations, Kresl & Singer can help.