Professional Malpractice and Licensing


Nothing is more valuable than your professional reputation and livelihood.  Doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, podiatrists, and dentists can be sued for professional malpractice. One way to avoid that risk is by hiring the right law firm to protect you and your interests. Whether you are working in health care, aviation, or finance—or nearly any other profession—the right attorneys can make a difference.

If you have been accused of malpractice, your professional reputation and livelihood could be at risk.  In addition to expensive fees or settlements, your license could be at stake.

At Denver’s Kresl & Singer we have spent years honing our skills and gaining the experience necessary to protect you from legal claims. We work with you to determine the best strategy to protect you from malpractice claims and to protect your license and profession.

Medical malpractice
Despite years of training, nothing can prepare a physician for the life-and-death decisions often made in an instant while treating a patient. If an error occurs or a procedure or treatment does not go as planned, patients or their loved ones can file suit. You need a qualified attorney who understands the medical field and the challenges you face.

Kresl & Singer represents—

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants
Health care businesses

We represent physicians, nurses, mid-level practitioners, and mental health workers in all matters of professional licensing before their respective boards, including—

License Applications
License Reinstatements
License Reactivation
Peer review and credentialing
We assist doctors with peer review and credentialing issues.