Colorado Medical Board Publishes New Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of Telehealth Technologies in the Practice of Medicine.

Colorado’s Medical Practice Act defines telemedicine as the delivery of medical services, and any diagnosis, consultation, or treatment using interactive audio, interactive video, or interactive data communication.  With the growing interest and use of electronic technology, the Colorado Medical Board has recently issued guidelines to assist providers who want to take advantage of interactive electronic communications with their patients.  The new guideline, Colorado Medical Board Policy No. 40-27, provides specific practice policies addressing:

  • Licensure Requirements
  • Establishment of a Provider-Patient Relationship
  • Evaluation and Treatment of the Patient
  • Informed Consent Continuity of Care
  • Referrals for Emergency Services
  • Medical Records Keeping
  • Privacy and Security of Patient Records & Exchange of Information
  • Disclosures and Functionality for Providing Online Services
  • Prescribing
  • Parity of Professional and Ethical Standards

Providers are encouraged to review the policy to ensure their practice of telemedicine is compliant with the new guidelines.   To review Colorado Medical Board Policy No. 40-27, please click here.

We are happy to answer any questions our client may have regarding this policy.

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